Spector & Johnson, PLLC is a boutique law firm concentrating in bankruptcy and commercial litigation. We bring to each case the skill, expertise, and resources necessary to handle large, complex matters, while maintaining personal accessibility and a pragmatic outlook, providing for a tailored approach to the specific needs of each client. From the outset, we strive to understand and assess the particular business needs of our clients, to provide them with an objective assessment of their options, and to represent them with a balance of zealous advocacy and practical wisdom.

Our clients hail from an array of industries, including, among others, finance, oil & gas, technology, securitized mortgage servicing, restaurant, healthcare, franchising, manufacturing, construction, and commercial real estate.

Bankruptcy is an arena where, of necessity, contest and confrontation share the stage with cooperation and compromise. Striking the right balance among them requires a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law and sound judgment. As counsel to both debtors and creditors, the firm works closely with clients to evaluate the circumstances of each case, and to devise an approach that befits each client’s business objectives. Solutions may range from workouts among debtors and creditors to invoking the full power of legal and equitable remedies and defenses.
With clients ranging in size from large multi-national corporations to sole proprietorships, Spector & Johnson litigates cases in bankruptcy court, federal district court, and the state courts of Texas. The firm also helps clients stay out of court altogether. Representative matters involve fraud and fraudulent transfers, commercial real estate contracts, debtor-creditor relations, business termination and separation, and professional liability.
The firm has one of the leading receivership practices in the metroplex, with extensive experience in receivership management and liquidation of business and trust assets. Upon request by creditors and an appropriate determination by a court, a receivership may serve as a more fitting course than a bankruptcy proceeding. As receiver, the firm works to ensure the preservation of maximum value of business assets, the organized maintenance of operations and, where applicable, sale of assets and distribution of proceeds in accordance with the legal rights of all interested parties.
The Bankruptcy Code was created in recognition of the fact that in order to function effectively, a free market economy must account for the uneven distribution of fortune and misfortune. For many small businesses and individuals, bankruptcy is the only viable option. In many instances a bankruptcy filing offers the chance of a fresh start, and the resumption of an active, productive role in economic society. There is no generic bankruptcy solution. Spector & Johnson attorneys meet in person with prospective clients to evaluate individual problems and concerns, and to determine whether and how to proceed in a bankruptcy case.


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Howard Marc Spector

Mr. Spector has practiced bankruptcy law since 1992, first with the law firm of Sheinfeld, Maley & Kay, PC, and then with Hughes & Luce, LLP, before establishing his own firm over a decade ago. He has served as counsel to large multinational clients, as well as to smaller firms and individuals, on both the debtor and creditor side of the table.

Direct: 214.365.5377

Nathan M. Johnson

Mr. Johnson serves the interests of business clients in commercial litigation and bankruptcy. Representative engagements include claims arising from complex contract disputes, officer and director fiduciary duties (prosecution and defense),  fraudulent and preferential transfers (avoidance and defense, in bankruptcy adversary proceedings as well as state court), among a broad range of other contract and business tort claims. Representative industries include energy, finance, commercial real estate, technology, manufacturing and agriculture.

Direct: 972.239.4260

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